WSC 2018 will feature two types of sessions: individual paper sessions and special featured panels. Interested scholars are welcome to submit either an abstract for an individual paper, or to propose a special featured panel of three or four participants. Due to the restrictions of space and time, each scholar wishing to present his/her work at WSC 2018 may submit only one paper or panel proposal to one of the sections below. The submission process will take place entirely through the conference website. The deadline for panel proposals is July 1, 2017, while the deadline for individual paper abstracts is October 1, 2017.

Each paper will be allotted a time of 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for discussion. Papers may be delivered in Sanskrit, English or French (the national languages of Canada).

To begin the process of submitting an individual paper proposal, please click here

Please note: All paper proposals MUST be submitted through the online portal. Emailed abstracts will not be accepted.


The 21 principal sections and their confirmed convenors, as of September 2016, are listed below. Additional convenors are still to be confirmed, and as we do so, the list will be updated on the official WSC website. Individual speakers and titles of papers accepted for presentation at WSC 2018 will be announced through the conference website in early 2018.

 विभागस्य नामधेयम्SECTION TITLECONVENORS [संयोजकाः]
1वेदःVedaShrikant Bahulkar,
Joanna Jurewicz
2भाषाशास्त्रम्LinguisticsMadhav Deshpande,
Jan Houben
3व्याकरणम्VyākaraṇaMalhar Kulkarni,
Hideyo Ogawa,
Peter Scharf
4रामायणं महाभारतं चEpicsArti Dhand,
Robert Goldman,
James Hegarty
5पुराणानिPurāṇasElizabeth Rohlman,
McComas Taylor
6तंत्रविमर्शःTantra StudiesDiwakar Acharya,
Michael Slouber,
Judit Törzsök
7विध्यनुष्ठानविमर्शःRitual StudiesMarko Geslani,
Libbie Mills
8काव्यमलङ्कारश्चPoetry, Drama and AestheticsLyne Bansat-Boudon,
Daniele Cuneo,
Elisa Ganser,
C. Rajendran
9वैज्ञानिकं वाङ्मयम्Scientific LiteratureBill Mak,
Dominik Wujastyk
10बौद्धविद्याBuddhist StudiesStefan Baums,
Mahesh & Lata Deokar,
Jason Neelis
11जैनविद्याJaina StudiesNalini Balbir,
Eva de Clerq
12वैष्णवमतं शैवमतं चVaiṣṇavism and ŚaivismDavid Buchta,
Elaine Fisher,
Ajay Rao
13धर्मविमर्शःReligious StudiesChristopher Austin,
Travis Smith
14दर्शनानि, तत्त्वशास्त्रम्PhilosophyKengo Harimoto,
Lawrence McCrea
15इतिहासः कलाः स्थापत्यमभिलेखशास्त्रं चHistory, Art & Architecture,
Arlo Griffiths,
Anna Slaczka
16संस्कृतं प्रदेशभाषाश्चSanskrit & Regional Languages,
(& Southeast Asia)
Andrea Acri,
Whitney Cox
17संस्कृतशिक्षाशास्त्रम्Sanskrit PedagogySadananda Das,
Guy Leavitt
18आधुनिकं संस्कृतसाहित्यम्Modern Sanskrit WritingsHari Dutt Sharma,
Deven Patel
19संस्कृतं विज्ञानतान्त्रिकी चComputational Sanskrit &
Digital Humanities
Gérard Huet,
Amba Kulkarni
20हस्तलेखविज्ञानम्ManuscriptologyNirmala Kulkarni,
Saraju Rath
21धर्मशास्त्रमर्थशास्त्रं चLaw and SocietyDonald Davis,
Timothy Lubin

The following special sections are being planned for WSC 2018:

 विभागस्य नामधेयम्SECTION TITLECONVENORS [संयोजकाः]
22योगायुर्वेदौYoga and ĀyurvedaPhilipp Maas,
Dagmar Wujastyk
23संस्कृतं पञ्जाबप्रदेशश्चSanskrit and the PanjabAdheesh Sathaye
24संस्कृतं पारसीवाङ्मयं चSanskrit and Indo-Persian CultureAnna Martin,
Luther Obrock

As has been the tradition at previous conferences, arrangements for hosting a कविसमवायः [Poets’ Forum] and a शास्त्रचर्चा [Śāstra Debate] are currently being pursued, and further details will be made available as funding opportunities become clear.