Conference Information

The World Sanskrit Conference is the premier international forum for professional researchers and educators of the Sanskrit language and its literatures, and of the history, religion, and cultures of premodern South Asia. This will mark the first time that this prestigious triennial event is held in Canada. WSC 2018 is proudly hosted by the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, and it is our pleasure to welcome you to the beautiful, vibrant, and travel-friendly city of Vancouver, which is consistently rated as a top tourist destination in North America and one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Downtown Vancouver Skyline
Photo Credit: Michael Matti,

भूमिर्यत्र सुशान्तसागरवृता सोष्मप्रवाहैर्युता
वृक्षाच्छादितपर्वतैः परिवृता पर्जन्यपूर्णा सदा ।
नानादेशजनैः समेत्य नगरं यत्स्थापितं वर्धितम्
क्रीडास्थानमिदं समस्तजगतो व्हॅंकूवरं सुन्दरम् ।।
-विद्युल्लेखा अकलूजकर