The Organizing Committee continues to be actively engaged in fundraising efforts so that registration fees can be kept to a minimum for the 17th World Sanskrit Conference. Furthermore, because we have not yet received the 2018 rates for facilities, catering, or other costs, we are as yet unable to establish a precise fee scale. However, to help participants anticipate their travel costs, we would like to offer the following ESTIMATED registration fees in Canadian Dollars, based upon current budget models:

  • $350 CAD for members of the International Association for Sanskrit Studies (IASS).
  • $400 CAD for participants who are not members of the IASS.
  • $250 CAD for students (with valid proof of current student status).

Again, these are tentative estimates in Canadian Dollars, and we are working diligently to lower the costs significantly through sponsorships, donations, and grants. Exact amounts will be announced in the coming months.

The registration fees will cover (a) chai/coffee breaks for all five days, (b) conference banquet, (c) conference bag, stationery, and printed program, (d) a book of abstracts (distributed in electronic form), and (e) free admission to all WSC public events, including the gala Kutiyattam performance and the public lecture by James Mallinson.
IMPORTANT: The registration fee does NOT cover accommodation, excursions, transportation, or meals (apart from the all-conference banquet). Attendees are expected to cover these costs on their own.

Attendees will be able to pay fees through an online registration portal using credit cards, electronic bank transfers, and other methods to be clarified by the Secretariat when registration opens (estimated: November 2017). All fees must be paid in Canadian Dollars, and must be received before the posted deadlines. Due to extensive operating costs, we cannot refund fees once the registration closes on May 9, 2018. Before this date, we will be able to provide a 50% refund for cancellations, with an additional processing fee. You are encouraged to wait to pay for registration until your proposal has been accepted into the conference program.

Please note: All confirmed presenters will be required to pay registration fees before May 9, 2018, or their papers will be cancelled. On-site registration will be available for general admission, including individual entry tickets for public events.

IASS Membership

As a way to increase scholarly involvement in the International Association for Sanskrit Studies, and to make it easier for WSC participants to get the discounted rate for IASS members, we will offer the option of purchasing 1-year or 3-year IASS memberships directly through the WSC registration portal as an add-on package. Exact costs and procedures will be explained in future announcements.

वनपूर्वकुबेरनामकं पुरमस्त्युत्तरदिग्विभूषणम् ।
गिरिवारिधिसंनिधौ स्थितं सकलानन्दकरं सुविश्रुतम् ।।
रमया रमतेऽत्र भारती सुमनोभिः समुपासिता सदा ।
विदुषामिह सङ्गमोऽस्तु वः सुखदः संस्कृतवाग्विवर्धनः ।।
-माधव देशपांडे