Call for Papers

WSC 2018 will feature two types of sessions: individual paper sessions and special featured panels. Interested scholars are welcome to submit either an abstract for an individual paper, or to propose a featured panel on a major theme or topic, and consisting of three or four participants. These submissions will then be adjudicated by the WSC2018 Section Convenors and the Local Organizing Committee, according to the procedures given in the "Author Guidelines," and you will be notified accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Scholars interested in presenting within Section 19: Computational Sanskrit & Digital Humanities are required to submit *full papers* (no more than 20 pages) for review along with their abstracts. Users may upload a PDF, DOC, or RTF version of the paper as a supplementary file.

Due to the restrictions of space and time, each scholar wishing to present his/her work at WSC 2018 may submit only one paper proposal (but may also serve as an organizer or discussant within a special panel) .

Each regular paper will be allotted a time of 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for discussion. The special panels may permit a different configuration.

Papers may be delivered in English or French (the national languages of Canada), or in Sanskrit.


Author Guidelines

All papers and panels proposed for inclusion in WSC 2018 will be subject to peer review, prior to their acceptance into the program. In the case of individual papers, you are asked to submit a 300-word abstract of your proposed paper to one of the 24 Sections of the conference through this online portal, clearly outlining your topic and its relevance to the academic field of Sanskrit Studies, your approach, and your conclusions.

Please note that speakers within approved special panels also must submit individual abstracts for their papers separately. When doing so, these presenters should select the "Special Panels" Section in order for us to aggregate them together into the panel.

Your submitted abstracts will then be assessed by the Convenors for (a) academic quality and (b) appropriateness to the themes and topics of the Sections within Conference.

All paper and panel abstracts submitted to WSC2018 will be reviewed for academic quality and appropriateness to the themes and topics of the 17th World Sanskrit Conference. The decision to accept or decline a proposed paper/panel will be made by the WSC2018 Secretariat, in consultation with the Convenors of the appropriate Section of WSC2018.

The Committee will use the following criteria to determine whether a paper/panel may be accepted into the WSC2018 Program:

Does this paper meet the international standards for scholarship on Sanskrit language, literature, and related fields? Has the scholar demonstrated the relevance of his/her proposed topic to the larger discipline of Sanskrit Studies? Does the proposed methodology of the paper/panel meet internationally-accepted standards for scholarly research?

The decisions of the WSC2018 Secretariat are final, and unfortunately, due to constraints of time and space, resubmissions may not possible unless specifically requested by the WSC2018 Academic Advisory Board.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2018-07-01.

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