Special Panel Proposal Deadline: July 1

Special Panel Proposal Deadline: JULY 1, 2017

If you wish to propose a special panel for WSC2018, focusing on a specific theme or interdisciplinary topic, we remind you that the deadline is close at hand. To submit a panel proposal, please visit the Submission Portal and follow the posted directions. Please note the following:

  1. To propose a panel, please submit (a) a panel abstract, as well as (b) individual abstracts for each prospective presenter.
  2. The deadline for the panel abstract is July 1, 2017, while the deadline for individual paper abstracts for the prospective panelists is October 1, 2017.
  3. Those who might need additional time to organize their panels are kindly requested to (a) submit a draft panel abstract by the deadline (July 1) and (b) contact the WSC2018 Secretariat requesting additional time.