As India rises in global prominence, there is now, more than ever, a need to engage seriously with its remarkable intellectual and cultural heritage as expressed in the classical language of Sanskrit, lest it be lost in the rising tide of development and modernization. At the World Sanskrit Conference, hundreds of Sanskrit scholars from all over the world will present cutting-edge research on a range of topics related to this  intellectual and cultural heritage, including religion, philosophy, history, and poetry.

Three special sections at WSC2018 are sure to have wide appeal: Sanskrit and the Panjab, Sanskrit and Indo-Persian Culture, and Yoga and Āyurveda. Two gala events will enhance the public appreciation of Sanskrit learning and culture: a major lecture on Yoga by James Mallinson (SOAS, London), and a landmark performance at the Chan Centre by the Nepathya troupe, who will perform Kutiyattam, an intricate and mesmerizing 1000-year-old form of Sanskrit dance theatre that continues to survive in remote parts of Kerala.

With your financial support, we can help welcome the finest Sanskrit scholars of the world to Vancouver, and provide the Canadian public with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Sanskrit learning and culture.  Supporting a WSC Scholar will cover travel, accommodation, and registration for Sanskrit scholars and students from an economically disadvantaged country in South or Southeast Asia.



We welcome your help in event planning and operations during the WSC, including:

  • Publicity and Promotions
  • Greeting delegates at YVR
  • Registration, panel support, wayfinding
  • Event setup, management, cleanup

Volunteers will receive complimentary conference registration and merchandise.

To become a WSC volunteer, please contact us at


You can make a tax-deductible individual donation at any level, including:
  • "Friend to the WSC": $100
  • WSC Donor: $500
  • WSC Patron: $1,000 or more
  • Support a WSC Scholar: $3,000
    This donation will be specifically applied to cover the travel, accommodation, and registration costs for a Sanskrit scholar or student from an economically disadvantaged country in South or Southeast Asia.

No donation is too small, and will go a long way to making the WSC a success! Please click on the link to get started!



We offer many opportunities for corporate or institutional sponsorships of WSC events. The WSC is a great chance for brand exposure, recognition, and product placement for your organization, impacting hundreds of attendees locally and around the world in the South Asian Canadian community, among practitioners of yoga and alternative medicine, and connoisseurs of world literature, music, and dance.

We also welcome non-monetary civic, media, and business partnerships for promotional/marketing support, goods, and services for the WSC. Please contact us to customize a partnership arrangement with your organization or company.

Please click on the following chart to see our suggested sponsorship types:

WSC Sponsorship Levels Chart

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